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Phalaenopsis Boquetto Delight 3-5 spike
Boquetto Delight 3-5 spike

Phalaenopsis Boquetto Delight 3-5 spike

Type: Phalaenopsis
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Orchids deserve a special place in your home. Like paintings or other works of art, these exotic beauties invite to be admired. Because of their diversity, colors and motifs, you can safely consider Orchids as Art of Life.
Height (incl. pot) ± 40 cm
Pot size 12 cm



The Phalaenopsis thrives best at a minimum night temperature of 16°C and a maximum daytime temperature of 32°C. An ideal daytime temperature is between 20 and 22°C. This orchid requires a lot of light but does not tolerate direct sunlight, especially in the summer months. A place on the windowsill oriented to the (north) east or (south) west is ideal. When leaves turn yellow, it could be a sign of too much direct sunlight. The loss of flower buds or dark green leaves indicate a possible lack of light.

Water and humidity
Do not pour the water for the orchid into the heart of the plant, but rather onto the soil in the pot. The ideal irrigation water is lukewarm with an acidity (pH) of 6à7. Rainwater is better than tap water that contains (too) much lime. Preferably water early in the day. Better yet, immerse the pot in a bucket for a minute. The orchid can then go without water for seven days.

In its natural environment, the Phalaenopsis has a high humidity. If you therefore want to cultivate or propagate the plant, it is best to do so in moist places, such as a kitchen, bathroom or conservatory.

Soil and Fertilization
It is important that the Phalaenopsis is in an airy soil that provides moisture-retaining drainage. Special orchid soil, which can be bought at most garden centers, is ideal for this. Do not use regular potting soil. Because there is often little food in the airy orchid soil, it is best to fertilize the Phaelenopsis via the irrigation water. Special orchid fertilizer is available for this. Fertilizing is necessary in the months of March to October, about twice a month.

After the bloom
When a Phalaenopsis has finished flowering, you can try to get it to flower again. For this it is necessary to cut off the branch above the second 'eye'. This concerns thickenings on the branch. You have to start counting from the bottom.

If the Phalaenopsis develops aerial roots that will grow outside the pot, this is a sign that the orchid is having a good time. Just leave the roots. You don't have to put them back in the pot at the risk of damaging the roots.

Height (incl. pot):± 40 cm
Pot size ⌀:12 cm
Article number:MDEL
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By: Recchia
Date: 08/01/2020

Plante magnifique. Livré dans les temps. J'achète souvent chez FloraStore. Emballages toujours impeccables. Tout est parfait. A bientôt pour une prochaine commande.

By: Murali Varma
Date: 06/01/2020

Very good
Futiful orchid

By: Anonyme
Date: 12/09/2018

Rapidité de livraison et fraîcheur des orchidées
Sterke punten:
Orchidées de la marque optiflor

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