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Philodendron Gigantheum

This beautiful and complete Philodendron Gigantheum deserves a light to half shade in your room or office. However, avoid direct sunlight.
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± 90 cm
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24 cm

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Philodendron Gigantheum  

The Philodendron is a striking houseplant and this is mainly due to the beautiful, sturdy leaves. Originally from the tropical regions of Central and South America, this plant has hundreds of varieties available. FloraStore has four varieties in its range, with moss stick. The plant grows against this and it is also fun!
Although the Philodendron is a tropical plant, it does very well in the living room.
He also feels great in a somewhat darker place in the house, which is beautiful!


  • Partial shade, no direct sunlight.
  • Ideal temperature 18 - 22 ºC.
  • Keep moist, potting soil should not dry out.
  • Water on the saucer / in the pot.
  • Fertilize twice a month.
  • Air purifying.

A Philodendron does not need too much water, keep the potting soil moist but not wet. prefer to always give a little water. Occasionally feel a finger in the soil to make sure it doesn't get too wet. If you water too much, the leaves will turn yellow, adjust the amount of water. The Philodendron thrives best at a temperature of 16 to 18 ° C.


Feed the Philodendron liquid food once a week during the growing period. Read the instructions on the bottle for this. Do not feed very well in winter and in autumn, but only moderately.

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