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Phlebodium Aureum 'Mandaianum'

This beautiful gray-blue colored fern is a real mood maker in your home. Its Latin name is Phlebodium, also known as blue fern or zinc fern. Available in a nursery pot, decorative pot and hanging pot.
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± 45 cm
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Phlebodium Aureum 'Mandaianum'

The Phlebodium Aureum Mandaianum is an attractive plant with its finger-shaped blue-green leaves. A decorative addition for an entrance or living room, for example. The plant is native to South America and is also known as the Blue Fern / Zink Fern . As part of the oak fern family, it grows as an epiphyte. A characteristic of epiphytes is that they grow on various treetops of trees in jungles, but do not extract any nutrients from those trees.

Pitch / room

The Phlebodium Aureum Mandaianum is a beautiful houseplant that likes partial shade. Direct sunlight should be avoided. The Blauwvaren / Zinkvaren thrives optimally at a constant room temperature. In the winter months, the plant must be placed in a somewhat cooler place, because then it is in a resting position. Especially drafty places and cold should be avoided.

Taking care of Phlebodium

The Phlebodium Aureum Mandaianum looks good in the hall, bedroom or bathroom and is easy to care for. The ideal temperature for the Blue Fern / Zinc Fern is between 18 ° C and 25 ° C. In winter, the location should not have a temperature lower than 13 ° C.

Watering phlebodium

Water the Phlebodium regularly . In winter, once a week is enough, but in summer this should be increased to twice a week. Water via the side of the Blue Fern / Zink Fern and not in the heart of the plant, because then the plant will become bare. Also, no cold water should be used for watering, but water that is at room temperature.

Repotting Phlebodium

Repot the Phlebodium Aureum Mandaianum every two years, preferably in the spring. That way, the Blauwvaren / Zinkvaren still has enough time to recover from any damage. On pots you will find beautiful pots for repotting.

Phlebodium nutrition

Feed the Phlebodium Aureum Mandaianum once a month and then only in the summer. Use the correct nutrition and dosage and look for plant nutrition. In the winter it is not necessary to feed the Blue Fern / Zink Fern, because then it is in rest position and therefore uses less energy. If nutrition is given anyway, the superfluous nutrients will settle into the soil, making the soil more acidic which is bad for the roots.

The Phlebodium is not poisonous to pets and is a strong fern that retains its ornamental value. Enjoy the plant to the full and visit the following page for all maintenance and care tips : Phlebodium plant guide

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