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Bromelia Pineapple champaca
Pineapple champaca

Bromelia Pineapple champaca

Type: Bromelia
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This special Pineapple plant (Bromeliad) comes with fruit. This plant creates a tropical feeling in your home and / or garden due to its exotic appearance.
Height (incl. pot) ± 40 cm
Pot size 15 cm

Pineapple Champaca


The primeval version of the pineapple grows and blooms high in the rugged Cordilleras de los Andes mountains and deep in the warm jungles of Uruguay, where the plant can reach a diameter of up to two meters. More than 500 years ago, Columbus imported the plant from Guadaloupe to Spain.

Ananá 'means something like' excellent, fragrant fruit '. Ornamental pineapple is a smaller (non-edible) version of the wild pineapple.

Ornamental pineapples are very ingeniously put together. The tubular chalice is a perfect pond for water. And the rosette with stiff, lance-shaped leaves forms a beautiful system of channels to transport all the moisture to the heart of the rosette. The leaves can be gray-green, but also green with pink. And where the classic fruit pineapple is yellow-green, the ornamental version is more pink-red. It is a very easy plant: water it occasionally and you will enjoy it for up to six months.


  • Ornamental pineapples like a light, but not in full sun.

  • Water generously in the rosette that serves as a reservoir and sparingly on the potting soil.

  • If the air inside is very dry, misting with a plant spray is a real treat for pineapple.

  • Plant food once every three weeks keeps flowering beautiful and rich.


Pineapple symbolizes a warm welcome and a generous reception. For that reason, you often see the plants as crowning gates, as living or sculpted versions. The pattern of the pineapple fruit features the golden ratio, a geometric formula in a spiral shape that is said to be 'most attractive to the eye'.

Pineapple for months of flowering pleasure.

Height (incl. pot):± 40 cm
Pot size ⌀:15 cm
Article number:ANACHAM14
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