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Heat plan, that's how you keep your houseplants alive!

Heat plan, that's how you keep your houseplants alive!

Help! It's hot. How can you best care for plants with this heat? Below are 5 tips on how you can ensure that your houseplants will survive the heat.
Heat plan, that's how you keep your houseplants alive!

1. Watch out for direct sunlight.

In the summer the sun is a lot brighter, so try not to put your plants in direct sunlight. Place your plants a little further from the window, this way you make sure the plants still get enough light and won't burn.

2. In the morning or evening.

Try to water your plants either early in the morning or later in the evening. As a result, the water evaporates less quickly and more water is absorbed. During very hot days you can assume that the plants need more water. For this reason, give your houseplants a good splash of water every two days.

3. Provide cooling.

Keep it cold, try to keep it as cool as possible in the house. Not only for yourself but also for your green friends. Keep the curtains closed during the day and open the windows at night. It is important for plants that the temperature does not fluctuate too much. Also pay attention to air conditioners, these make the house cooler but also provide a sudden flow of cold and dry air. Fans are not a problem by the way.

4. Mimic the tropics.

Try to spray a lot, when there is more moisture in the air, the air is also cooler. Cooler air is better, also for your green friends. So try to spray as much as possible. You can also put a container with water next to your plants, this water will evaporate and provide the same effect.

5. No additional power supply.

Try not to give your plant extra nutrition. After all the extra water and heat from the sun, they don't need an extra energy boost. You probably recognize it when you take the last cup of coffee yourself in the evening and lie in bed at night with open eyes. It is not necessary.