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Water regularly
Semi-shade, no direct sunlight
Not air-purifying
Nutrition every month (summer)
Toxic for animals
Repot every other year
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The Amaryllis belongs to the family of the Amaryllidaceae and is actually called Hippeastrum. Amaryllis and Hippeastrum are two closely related genera and are often mixed up. The biggest difference is in the stem. Amaryllis has a massive stem and Hippeastrum a hollow stem. Hippeus means knight and Astrum star, hence the Dutch name Knight Star. Hippeastrum is now available in many types and colours. Whereas in the past this was mainly only red and pink, now almost all colours are conceivable. Large-flowered, double-flowered, small-flowered, butterfly-flowered and multiflora types have become available in recent years in a wide range. 


The Amaryllis does best in a light, warm spot in, for example, the semi-shade. Place the Amaryllis a few meters from a window on the west or east or in front of a window on the north. The plant can also be placed in front of a south-facing window, so take a little more distance than in front of the west or east.

Amaryllis care


The Amaryllis thrives best at spring temperatures between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Water and humidity

Amaryllis on glass or dish: Remove the bulb from the pot and rinse it well under the tap (potting soil must be from the roots). Let the bulb dry and put it on a bowl or in a glass. The bulb does not need water to start flowering. 

Amaryllis in the garden: This bulbous plant also does well outdoors. The bulb can be planted outdoors from the beginning of May. Keep the soil moist for best results. Make sure that the bulb is in a place where it cannot catch too much wind so that the petals remain beautiful.


You can store an amaryllis in a pot to let it bloom again. After the last flowers, remove the stems. Leave the bulb in the pot and water it. After 7 months cut off the leaves and remove the bulb from the pot. Place it in a cool, especially dry place, 10-17'C (Cellar). Leave the bulb for about 10 weeks, then plant it again in a pot. Water the bulb again and maintain room temperature. The bulb will make leaves again and then give flowers again. Good luck. 


The Amaryllis originates from South and Central America.


If the Amaryllis suffers from vermin, it is important to control it as soon as possible with a biological or if desired a chemical pesticide.

Suitable plant nutrition for Amaryllis

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