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Needs little water
Likes to be in the shade
Not air-purifying
Nutrition every month (summer)
Not toxic for animals
Repot every other year
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Araucaria is a genus of evergreen conifers from the family Araucariaceae. There are still 19 species in the genus Araucaria. These have a very large range, which includes New Caledonia (here are 13 species endemic), Norfolk, eastern Australia, New Guinea, Argentina, Chile and southern Brazil. 

The Araucaria is one of the oldest living plant species on earth. The Araucaria Heterophylla originates from Australia and originally from the Australian Norfolk Island. From where also the name Norfolk Island Pine. In its natural place, the tree can reach a height of 40 meters and a diameter of 15 meters.


The Araucaria does not need much light. It is best to place the plant a few metres away from the window, so that the plant does not get direct sunlight and not too much light. Too much light is bad for the plant.

Araucaria care


Because the Araucaria can store water in its trunk, it is not necessary to give a lot of water. Do not water again until the soil is completely dry. In the winter this will take longer.


Spraying is certainly not necessary for the Araucaria, but it promotes ornamental value and keeps pests away. It is therefore recommended to do this regularly.


If you want to repot the Araucaria it is advisable to take a new pot that is at least 20% wider than the old pot. In any case, do not use hydro grains, because then the water will remain stuck and it will rot.


It is not necessary to give extra power. In the summer you can choose to give some extra plant nutrition once a month. It is better to use less than the indicated dosage.


You can easily prune the Araucaria to maintain the right shape.

Suitable plant nutrition for Araucaria

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