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Water regularly
Semi-shade, no direct sunlight
Not air-purifying
Nutrition every 2 weeks (summer)
Not toxic for animals
Repot every other year
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Ardisia Crenata brings atmosphere and warmth into your home before and around Christmas time. It is a real eye-catcher.

The beautiful red, white and recently pink berries grow in bunches and stay on the plant for a long time. There are few flowering houseplants that can match this.

Characteristic for this type of shrub is the rich amount of leaves under and between the berries.

The origin of the Ardisia Crenata is Asia, where the bunches of berries represent richness and fertility. It is related to the Myrsinaceae.


The Ardisia likes a light place, but no direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can be harmful to the plant. It is also important that you give a good spot in one go, because it does not like changes. You will also see that it will drop a lot of leaves at the beginning. 


Ardisia care



The Ardisia likes to keep the soil moist between watering. So make sure that the soil does not dry out. It is also sensitive to lime, so it is best to give rainwater at the right temperature.


If you want to prune the plant, it is best to do so in the spring, so that you don't get in the way of growth.


Add every 2 years some new potting soil, and when necessary also repot in a larger pot. Choose a pot that is at least 20% wider than the old pot. Always pot in the spring, so that the plant still has enough time to recover from any damage.


The Ardisia originates from Southeast Asia.


The Ardisia is sensitive to changes and will suffer from leaf fall during movements. The Ardisia does not suffer from vermin. If the plant does suffer, it is important to control it as soon as possible with a biological or if desired a chemical pesticide. 

Suitable plant nutrition for Ardisia



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