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Needs little water
Semi-shade, no direct sunlight
Lightly air-purifying
Nutrition every 2 weeks (summer)
Not toxic for animals
No need to repot
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The Bromelia is the collective name of about 2600 Bromelia species. The best known are Vriesea, Tillandsia and Aechmea. They stand out with their bright colors and they are easy to care for. The Bromelia belongs to the Bromeliaceae family. The Bromelia is found in several places worldwide.


The Bromelia loves enough light, but no direct sunlight. So make sure there is a place in the semi-shade, where the plant gets enough light but no direct sunlight. Too much sunlight will cause discoloration of the leaves and thus decrease the ornamental value.

Bromelia care


A minimum daytime temperature of 17 degrees Celsius is recommended and a minimum nighttime temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.


The Bromelia not only likes to get water in the root ball, but also in the flower. Also make sure that the soil is always kept slightly moist. In principle, you only need to water the plant once a week in summer.


You can choose to give some extra plant nutrition once every 2 weeks in the summer. It is advisable to at least halve the indicated dosage, otherwise it will be too much. In winter it is not necessary to give extra plant nutrition, as the plant will be in the resting position and will consume little energy.


Too much sunlight can cause leaves to turn yellow. Remove these leaves by cutting them off. If the leaves start to hang, give too little water.  


Unfortunately, Bromelia only blooms once, so you never have to repot the plant.


The Bromelia is a very old plant. There are remains found of up to 30 million years old. The plant originated in the tropical rainforest of Uruguay. Bromelia often grows wild as an epiphyte, which means that it grows on other trees, without extracting nutrients from the trees. Nowadays the plant can be found everywhere in Central and South America. 


The Bromelia is fairly sensitive to Spider mites. Spray the plant regularly to prevent this.

Suitable plant nutrition for Bromelia

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