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Water regularly
Semi-shade, no direct sunlight
Not air-purifying
Nutrition every month (summer)
Not toxic for animals
Repot yearly
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Cissus Rotundifolia is a particularly beautiful climbing plant. The leaves shine and look leathery. Little care because of the wax layer on the leaves that retain moisture.


The Cissus likes a spot in the sun, but does not need to be put in direct sunlight. A spot in the semi-shade is therefore ideal. Place the plant in front of a window on the north, or a few meters from a window on the west or east.

Cissus care

  • Place the plant in a sunny spot. Half-shadow is also possible.
  • Water the climbing plant regularly in summer.
  • If the soil is still damp, do not water it, wet feet do not like it.
  • Repotting? Preferably once a year, either after purchase or in the spring.
  • Cissus Rotundifolia feels best at a room temperature of 12 to 24 °.


Cissus Rotundifolia is native to East Africa. Cissus comes from a genus of about 350 species of cissus, which fall under the vine plants. Cissus comes from the Greek word Kissos, which means ivy. It is therefore a climbing plant, related to the well-known grape. Don't expect grapes from your Cissus! The plant is also sometimes called a housewing, but this is not a unique name: there are several plants that are called this way. Because it is a climbing plant, this Cissus needs some support. In the pot is therefore a pyramid of bamboo canes, along which the plant climbs upwards.  


If the Cissus suffers from vermin, it is important to control it as soon as possible using a biological or, if desired, a chemical pesticide.

Suitable plant nutrition for Cissus

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