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Homalomena Rubescens

Homalomena rubescens


The Homalomena rubescens is native to Southeast Asia, where it grows on various islands and Indonesia. It comes from the Arum family (Araceae). The Homalomena rubescens therefore comes from the same family as the Calathea and Philodendron. With its red stems and heart-shaped leaves, this plant is popular with many enthusiasts.


Because it is a tropical plant, it is important to always keep the soil slightly moist. You can let the plant dry slightly before watering again, make sure that the roots do not remain in the water because of the root rot that occurs. in the growing period that runs from March to August a little more water than in winter. If you give too much water to the plant, it will let you know by dropping droplets through its leaves.


You can spray the Homalomena rubescens with water once a week so that it meets its high humidity. If stains appear on the leaves, you can wipe them off with a soft sponge.


The Homalomena rubescens prefers a light spot in partial shade. The Homalomena rubescens does not like too much direct sunlight, so take this into account.

Minimum temperature

During the day 25 ° C

At night 16 ° C


You can give the Homalomena rubescens food once every 2 weeks. Do this with Pokon green houseplants.


You can repot the Homalomena rubescens immediately upon purchase or else do this in the spring before the plant starts to grow again. Repot the Homalomena rubescens once every 2 years in a new pot that is approximately 20% percent larger. When repotting the plant, make sure you use fresh potting soil.


The Homalomena rubescens will not grow very large, so you probably do not need to prune it quickly. You can of course always cut away ugly leaves, do this by cutting them away at the bottom of the trunk.


The Homalomena rubescens is sensitive to pests such as spider mites. If you find pests in the plant, it is best to combat them immediately with a biological or chemical solution.


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