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Polyscias Ming branched XL
Ming branched XL

Polyscias Ming branched XL

Type: Polyscias
You have got counting... hours
The whimsical Polyscias is a separate, artistic appearance that does well in the office, living room or bedroom. The plant is good against shade.
Height (incl. pot) ± 130 cm
Pot size 27 cm


The Polyscias, also known as Aralia, occurs naturally on islands in the Pacific Ocean. A Polyscias is a characteristic tree that likes to stand in a shady location and needs little water. Polyscias literally means "much shade" in Greek. This houseplant has the property that leaves grow over the entire branch. Leaves of a Polyscias are green, white or yellow and have a round or heart-shaped appearance. This houseplant is highly recommended for the dark spot in your room or office.

Care tips

The Polyscias may be kept slightly damp but, like many green house plants, the Polyscias does not like wet feet either. It is better to give a little more water a little more often than in one go a lot.
It is important to keep an eye on the land after purchase. Put your finger in the ground every now and then to feel how fast the soil dries. The amount of water consumed depends on the size of the plants and the location. The faster dry the more water.
The Polyscias prefers rainwater over tap water. In tap water there is often too much lime so that the leaves can turn white.


Your houseplant Polyscias likes to be sprayed very regularly. On the one hand to keep the decorative value high and on the other hand the spraying works preventively against diseases. The dust is also removed from the leaves, allowing the leaves to catch better light.


The Polyscias feels at home in a shady place. The houseplant does not like direct sunlight. Do not place the plant in the vicinity of the heating or floor duct because of the air that is too dry.
Look for a suitable place for your plant after purchase and do not want to move it. The polyscias does not like changes.
The best place to plant the plant is:
3 to 4 meters south side
2 to 3 meters east or west
0 a 1 meter north side


Prune the houseplant preferably every year, this keeps its compact shape. Pruning is best done in spring or summer.


Use Pokon green plants nutrition. Read the instructions for use on the packaging. Like most plants, it is not necessary to feed the Polyscias in autumn or winter. The houseplant is then at rest.

Leaf fall

If a sheet of the Polyscias falls off, this is not a reason for panic. If, however, many leaves fall off, you should take another critical look at the location. The air around the plant will then be too dry, indicating heating or a floor duct in the neighborhood. Find another place!
Also, when the air is too dry, brown edges may appear on the leaves.

Disease / pests

Again through dry air your Polyscias is sensitive to spider, shield or aphids. Reduce this chance by spraying regularly. Spider can be removed by a hard water jet. For shield and aphids, it is advisable to use a pesticide as soon as possible.

The Polyscias is because of its whimsical shape and beautiful artistic appearance for the darker places in the home or office.

Height (incl. pot):± 130 cm
Pot size ⌀:27 cm
Article number:205024
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By: frank hartmann
Date: 30/09/2021

j'avais commandé une polyscias ming de 1,30 m et j'ai reçu une magnifique plante de 1,45 m. le tout était très bien emballé et la plante est arrivée en excellent état

By: Mueller
Date: 04/02/2020

Sehr gute Verpackung und Qualität mit schneller Lieferung
Sehr gute Verpackung

By: barbuche
Date: 31/08/2019

super !

By: Vanessa LONGUET
Date: 09/05/2019

Depuis longtemps je voulais m'offrir un Polyscias Ming ramifié et j'ai eu la chance de tomber sur ce site qui en plus de proposer cette plante la proposait en très grande taille.
J'avoue avoir eu peur lors du déballage, de voir l'état de la plante, mais quelle agréable surprise, de découvrir une plante très bien emballé et protégé des aléas des transports.
De plus la plante est vraiment magnifique, le feuillage est superbe, d'un magnifique vert, elle respire la santé.
Je recommande vraiment ce site pour leur professionnalisme.
Je vais suivre tous les conseils de Floratore pour continuer à ce quelle reste toujours aussi belle.

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Write a review

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