Potgrond Coconut compact 10 ltr

Pokon Compact Potting Soil is pressed potting soil based on coconut for indoor and outdoor use, add water, wait a while and the soil is ready for use. Fertilizer for 60 days!

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Potting soil Coconut compact 10 ltr


Pokon Potgrond Compact is extremely suitable for pot plants. To be able to use this soil, you have to add 3 liters of water to the packaging and within a few minutes the soil is ready for use. The soil consists mainly of coconut. This keeps your hands more clean compared to other potting soils. The coconut also provides an airy and open structure of the soil, allowing the roots to grow quickly.


  • Open the package by cutting off the top.
  • Add 3 liters of water.
  • The soil is ready for use within a few minutes.
  • Place a layer of hydro granules at the bottom of the pot (hydro granules ensure better moisture management in the pot).
  • Apply a layer of fresh Pokon Pot soil on top of the hydro pellets.
  • Immerse dry plants in water and then put the plant in the pot.
  • Fill the pot to the brim with potting soil and then press it loosely.
  • Take into account a casting edge of at least 2 cm.
  • Then give plenty of water.


Pokon Compact Potting Soil is a water-soluble potting soil that consists of composted coconut fiber from the soft coconut bark. This soil is 100% natural and also contains food for 2 months. Pokon kokos Potgrond Compact is a compressed pure and fair basis for pot plants.


Because of the basis of coconut fibers, water needs to be given less often than with a 'normal' potting soil. Therefore, only water when the soil feels dry. After approximately 2 months, the nutrition has elapsed and we recommend supplementing the plants with good plant nutrition

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