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Klimplanten Privacy 5-pack climbing plants - Ivy
Privacy 5-pack climbing plants - Ivy

Klimplanten Privacy 5-pack climbing plants - Ivy

Type: Klimplanten
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FloraStore carries a wide range of beautiful climbing plants for: garden, terrace and balcony. This set of 4 hedera and 1 clematis is good for 1 meter of privacy. PRICE is PER SET!
Height (incl. pot) ± 90 cm
Pot size 16 cm

Climbing plants Hedera + Clematis

Climate zone 5, -28.9° to -23.4°

Care Climbing plants

Using the right soil is essential for a good start of the plants. Use Pokon garden plant soil for this. The climbing plants will then take root faster. With the right nutrition (Ecostyle Climbing Plants) you will see that this improves growth speed and quality of flowers and leaves.

Maintenance Climbing plants

Pruning climbing plants is not that difficult, but it is important because it stimulates growth. The plant will age and bloom longer. Good pruning tools are important, see also accessories - nutrition for the right tools.

Climbing plants can be divided into four groups.

Vining creepers

The vining climbing plants do not attach themselves but instead seek support from, for example, pergolas or mesh panel. Some well-known vining climbing plants are:



star jasmine


Evergreen Climbing Plants

In order to enjoy green climbing plants in the winter, it is good if you choose evergreen climbing plants such as the hedera or star jasmine. The star jasmine also has beautiful flowers in the spring.

Self-adhesive climbing plants

Self-adhesive climbing plants attach themselves to the substrate with adhesive roots. You can let these climbing plants climb on walls or fences.

Some well-known self-adhesive climbers are:


climbing hydrangea

Wild Winger like the Parthenocissus

Deciduous Climbing Plants

Most climbing plants are deciduous, so you will not see any foliage, but the beautiful branches of the creeper.

Some well-known deciduous climbing plants are:


Wisteria - Wisteria

Honeysuckle - Lonicera

Virginia creeper -Parthenocissus

To create height in the middle of your garden, you can, for example, grow clematis, climbing roses or star jasmine along a climbing frame or rose arch.

For a separation of your garden, it is better to place 3 climbing plants per linear meter. In this way, your partition is quickly closed and the view becomes smaller.

If you grow self-adhesive climbing plants along a wall, you must bear in mind that these adhesive roots can affect your joints.

You can buy climbing plants online at FloraStore!

Height (incl. pot):± 90 cm
Pot size ⌀:16 cm
Article number:K390.99132
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