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Livistona Rotundifolia

Livistona Rotundifolia

Type: Livistona
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The Livistona, also called the Fan Palm or Parasol Palm is an elegant plant for every living room. Buying a Fan Palm can make your living space a lot more pleasant.
Height (incl. pot) ± 140 cm
Pot size 32 cm

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Origin Livistona Rotundifolia

The Fan Palm, also called the Livistona Rotundifolia finds its origin in the tropical rainforests near Asia and Australia. The Livistona owes its name to a well-known botanist Patrick Murray, who was Baron of Livingstone and named the plant after its place.

Location Livistona Rotundifolia

The Livistona does not need too much light. Therefore, do not place it in direct sunlight, but place it in a light place (partial shade). Pay attention, the plant cannot be moved just like that. The Livistona uses a lot of energy to get used to a new place.

Care Livistona Rotundifolia

Below are some care tips for the Livistona Rotundifolia. If you would like more extensive tips, these can be found in our plant guide. Livistona care tips can be found here.

Water requirement Livistona Rotundifolia

The Livistona originally comes from a tropical environment. Water the plant once a week. In the winter period, once every two weeks is sufficient. Make sure that the soil never dries out but is always slightly moist. Occasionally it is also good to put the Livistona outside in a rain shower. Do this in the summer period. The plant does not like lime in the water.

Spraying Livistona Rotundifolia

The Livistona is used to a humid and tropical climate. The plant therefore prefers to be constantly in such an environment. With the help of nebulizers and sprayers you can ensure that the plant is well cared for. Preference is given to using rainwater. The less lime there is in the water, the better this is for the Livistona Rotundifolia.

Repotting Livistona Rotundifolia

The plant can be repotted in normal potting soil. In addition, any other form of potting soil is good for the plant. However, the advice is to repot the Livistona as little as possible. As soon as the plant grows out of its pot, it can only be repotted. Do this in the spring. Use Hydro granules in this way, the Livistona can also get too much water once without experiencing any problems.

Nutrition Livistona Rotundifolia

With the Livistona it is wise to only feed the plant in the spring or summer. In most cases you do not need to do this if you have just bought the plant. The Livistona wants to be disturbed as little as possible. When you buy the Livistona, the plant is still in fresh potting soil. You can buy plant food , read the instructions carefully in advance and give the plant food once every two weeks.

Height (incl. pot):± 140 cm
Pot size ⌀:32 cm
Article number:LIVISROT32
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