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Sansevieria Laurentii, Fair Flora P21

The Sansevieria laurentii is almost indestructible. The Sanseveria is also an air-purifying plant and improves the humidity and creates a healthy atmosphere for body and soul.
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± 80 cm
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21 cm

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The Sansevieria originates from western Africa, from Nigeria to Congo, and belongs to the Succulent family. Today, the Sansevieria is mainly imported from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Thailand and China.

Sansevieria comes in many shapes and sizes and has developed a completely individual style through its modern forms.

There are gray, green, yellow-green, twisted, rosette-shaped or with (artificially) colored buds. There is something for everyone from 20 cm to 120 cm, thick and thin etc. Due to its air-purifying qualities, the oxygen content in the house is increased. The air humidity will also be improved so that you will suffer less from a dry throat or skin.


The sansevieria consists of many types and sizes. Do not you find what you are looking for? please contact us via customer service and indicate what you are looking for.

care sansevieria

Keep Sansevierias evenly moist in the spring and summer. In their own environment these months usually correspond to the rainy season, the plant then grows actively. During the autumn and winter you keep the plant dry. Simulate, as it were, the dry season of the place of origin. The plant then goes to rest.

ATTENTION: rather too little than too much water !!

Sansevierias love light. Give them a moderately light to light place. Sunlight can also. Since the Sansevieria is a tropical plant, the temperatures must not drop too low. During the day between 15 and 28 degrees Celsius and at night between 12 and 20 degrees Celsius.

A sansevieria grows pretty hard, regular repotting is therefore not a luxury. The women's tongue can also handle dry air, a place above the central heating is no problem.

The sansevieria is a stylish and air-purifying plant.


Great plants! So carefully packed! Definitely will buy again!
Lovely plants!


    Goede service ,en prima personeel en attent ! .


      Expédition tres rapide. Plante en excellent état et conforme à la description. Très satisfaite et très contente! Je recommande.
      Expédition tres rapide. Plante en excellent état et conforme à la description.


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          Très belles plantes, prix raisonnables, mais transport vers la France désastreux !
          La réactivité après commande, la qualité et le prix des plantes, les frais de transport raisonnables.


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