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Senecio Senecio Rowleyanus 'String of Pearls' - set of 2
Senecio Rowleyanus 'String of Pearls' - set of 2

Senecio Rowleyanus 'String of Pearls' - set of 2

Type: Senecio
You have got counting... hours
Enjoy the beauty of the Senecio Rowleyanus 'String of Pearls' - set of 2 in your living room! This quality plant gives atmosphere and cozyness to your house!
Height (incl. pot) ± 10 cm
Pot size 12 cm

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Product Information
The pea plant, also called Senecio Rowleyanus or String of Pearls, is an incredibly cute plant. The hanging plant has all the little stems with little balls attached to them. In the Netherlands it is a houseplant, in warm, dry climates the plant also does very well outdoors. The plant is very easy to take care of, since it is a succulent. Because of this, the Pea Plant requires almost no water. Nice additional fact is that these plants are easy to take cuttings from. You cut off a stem and put it in the water. As soon as roots grow on it, you can put it in a pot with soil.
The Senecio Rowleyanus needs little water, it is a real succulent. The plant stores water in the thickenings (the peas), so it can last a long time without water. It is important that the soil dries out between waterings. Furthermore, preferably use an inside pot so that the pot can be watered from below, this is what the Pea plant loves! The plant needs little plant nutrition, once every 2 months is more than enough. Eventually the strings of the plant can become 200 cm long! Be careful, because the plant is slightly toxic to pets.
Plant height
Upon delivery, the plant has a height of 10 to 20cm (measured incl. pot). The plant comes in a pot with a diameter of 12cm.
Pot size (cm): 12
Height (cm): 10-20
Location: Part shade
Latin name: Senecio Rowleyanus
Final height (cm): 200
Pieces in set: 2
Hardy: No
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