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Spathiphyllum Sweet lauretta - Fair Flora

The Spathiphyllum is known for its air-purifying effect, research has shown that harmful gases are absorbed and broken down, the air humidity is improved and made healthier by effectively converting CO2 into oxygen.
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Spathiphyllum (Air so Pure)

Care tips

The Spathiphyllum likes a moderately light or shady location, and certainly not in direct sunlight. The ideal temperature is between 15 and 23 C °.

The root ball must always be moist. Watering about once a week is usually sufficient. The plant can stand with its feet in a layer of water. For a healthy Spathiphyllum it is advisable to add some plant food to the irrigation water once a month.


The Spathiphyllum blooms for around four to ten weeks and then needs a few weeks of rest to develop new flower buds. It is wise to completely cut away the old (green) stalk after flowering. The Spathiphyllum is constantly developing new shoots, which will produce flowers again after approximately twelve weeks. To promote flowering, it may be good to temporarily keep the plant a little drier and place it in a slightly colder place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air purifying effect; How do Spathiphyllum purify the air?

Spathiphyllum purify the air by absorbing various harmful substances from the air through the stomata in the leaf during their natural breathing. These substances are then stored and broken down in the plant or root. During the day, CO2 is also converted into oxygen and the plants bring water vapor into the air, which improves the air humidity.

How many plants optimally; how much Spathiphyllum should I put in a room so that it is optimally healthy / the air is purified?

Researchers from NASA and others recommend 15 - 18 plants per 180 m3 for a good contribution to a healthier indoor climate. Studies from NASA and TNO, among others, show that plants such as Spathiphyllum not only have an air-purifying effect in the home and in the workplace, but also have a positive influence on human psychology.

Outside; Can I also place Spathiphyllum outside?

Spathiphyllum are real house plants. The plants originally come from Tropical Asia and South America and cannot withstand temperatures below 15 ° C and strong winds. We therefore recommend that you enjoy your Spathiphyllum inside.

Shelf life; How long do the Spathiphyllum last?

If the Spathiphyllum are in the right place and enjoy good care, they can be in your home or office for years as an air-purifying eye-catcher.

Poisonous plants; Are the Spathiphyllum toxic to humans and animals?

Spathiphyllum are intended for decoration and not for consumption. Although the various plants are produced in the most environmentally-friendly way possible, we recommend that you always consult a physician for internal use.

Drops of leaves; My Spathiphyllum secretes drops from the tips of the leaves. What can I do about this and is this toxic?

Spathiphyllum evaporate the water that they absorb with their roots and thereby improve the humidity. This evaporation can be so high that drops appear on the leaves. You may be able to place the plant in a somewhat cooler location.

The Spathiphyllum is known for its air-purifying effect.


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    Purchase of 2 Peace Lilies to be sent to Uk.
    Decent website. Efficient response to order. Very competitive prices. Superb product.


      Zeer positief in de kwaliteit van levering en van de planten.<
      Sterke punten:
      Zeer zorgvuldig in de mate waarop de planten worden ingepakt en afgeleverd. Hier is veel aandacht aan besteed.


        Communication facile et rapide, mais conseil à moitié juste (je voulais une grosse plante spathyphillum avec des fleurs/spathes blanc-blanc : la plante conseillée (Lauretta doux) est magnifique et correspond à la taille qu'il fallait mais malheureusement les fleurs/spathes sont blanc-crème. Ca va, mais un peu déçue sur ce point car j'en ai eu une blanc-blanc pendant 15 ans (et qui est morte maintenant). On s'y habituera...
        Contact rapide
        Emballage très professionnel
        Envoi très rapide
        Bonne santé de la plante


          Magnifique plante, de bonne qualité et emballée de façon très professionnelle (arrivée en très bon état). Merci !


            Magnifique plante, de bonne qualité et emballée de façon très professionnelle (arrivée en très bon état). Merci !


              Enorme Plant. Heel mooi!

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