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Aphelandra Squarrosa - Zebra plant pot 13 cm

Aphelandra Squarrosa is a striking appearance and sought after for its white-grained leaf drawing and yellow flower.
Height (incl. pot):
± 25 cm
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13 cm

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Aphelandra Squarrosa

The Aphelandra Squarrosa - Zebra plant - originates from (sub) tropical America. In our climate, the plant is kept as a pot - house plant.

This beautiful Zebra Plant, is probably best known for its white striped green leaves and its beautiful orange yellow flowers.


The Aphelandra Squarrosa prefers a place with lots of light, but no direct sunlight.

To water

Keep moist, the potting soil should not "dry out," especially during the growing season, use soft water and make sure the roots are not in a layer of water. Give less water in the winter.

The flowers

After flowering you can remove the flower with the stem.

Rest Period

The Zebra plant needs a rest period in December. Give less water for 4 - 5 weeks and allow the potting soil to dry between two irrigations. During this period the temperature may drop to around 12 to 14 degrees.


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