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145 cm 35 cm

Strelitzia Nicolai - pot 35 cm

The strelitzia Nicolai is also called the white bird of paradise plant. A very popular interior plant due to its large leaves. SUPER QUALITY and very pure leaves !!
Height (incl. pot):
± 145 cm
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35 cm

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Strelitzia Nicolai


The Strelitzia reginae or Bird of Paradise flower is originally from South Africa, but in the meantime the plant has spread to almost all tropical and subtropical areas.

Strelitzia belongs to the banana family (Musaceae) and are closely related. Yet the differences between Musa and Strelitzia are at least as numerous as the similarities. For example, the leaf shape of both plants is about the same, but the leaves of bananas are rather thin and tear easily, while the leaves of the bird of paradise flower are very thick, strong and indestructible.


The Bird of Paradise flower wants a large splash of water every week, just make sure that no layer of water remains in the soil. Also regularly spray the leaves so that the leaves remain nice and green. Halve the watering in winter!

Also in winter give the plants a place where the temperature does not fall below 10 ° C and preferably in a light place. Furthermore, keep the plants fairly dry during this period.
The Bird of Paradise flower likes a light and warm position in full sun in the summer. To prevent evaporation, preferably in a wind-free place. The bird of paradise flowers will thank you on the terrace or balcony with many beautiful flowers. These flowers are not only very beautiful for the garden or the terrace, but you can also use them as a cut flower for a vase or to use in a flower arrangement where they remain fresh for a very long time.
Who does not know the colorful flowers of the bird of paradise flower? It is one of the most exotic flowers you will encounter as a houseplant or as a cut flower. They are plants with strikingly shaped and colored flowers that are naturally pollinated by hummingbirds and can give a unique atmosphere to the balcony, terrace or garden here as a container plant.

The plant is hardly aware of diseases. In terms of pests, the bird of paradise flower sometimes has to deal with scale insects indoors. These are hard, brown shells that attach themselves to the bottom of the leaves. You can easily wipe it off the leaves with a small infestation.

The strelitzia Nicolai is very popular as an interior plant because of its large leaves.


Beautiful and healthy plant. Arrived as expected.

Thank you so much!


    Parfait !!!!
    Plante reçu deux jours en avance à ma grande surprise.
    Malgré quelques feuilles un peut abimés a cause du voyage, je dois avouer qu’elle est sublime.
    Beaucoup plus grande que prévu, elle est aussi de très bonne qualité.
    Prévoyez sois un grand cache pot ou bien alors rempotez là directement, le pot n’est pas terrible esthétiquement parlant.
    Je recommande !


      Parfait !!!
      Plante qui peut paraître chère. J’ai d’ailleurs regretté mon achat au moment de valider la commande.
      Mais quand je l’ai reçu je n’avais plus aucun regrets.
      Elle est arrivé avec deux jours d’avances. Très bien emballer malgré quelques feuilles cassées lors du transport.
      Elle est beaucoup plus grande que ce que j’avais pu imaginer. Et tellement jolie !!!
      Je recommande a tous !!!


        Parfait !!!
        Plante reçu deux jours en avance à ma grande surprise.
        Elle est beaucoup plus grande et plus grosse que ce que j’avais imaginé lol.
        Quelques feuilles un peut cassé lors du transport, mais globalement je suis plus que satisfait de ma commande.
        Elle est chère mais elle est tout simplement magnifique et très bien emballée.
        Je vous recommande a tous d’acheter sur ce site et surtout cette plante


          Splendide plante strelizia nicolai, très bien arrivée et bien protégée au transport.
          Plante de qualité, son prix est à la hauteur de sa beauté ! Je suis ravie!! Je recommanderai sur Flora store!

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