60 cm 21 cm

Hibiscus Torino - Pot 21 cm

Hibiscus, an exuberant summer feeling with an explosion of color and scent. The Hibiscus turns every home into a tropical paradise. Take a look at related for a nice matching pot.
Height (incl. pot):
± 60 cm
Pot ⌀:
21 cm

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Care + Infinite flowering

Do not be afraid that you can only enjoy the Hibiscus flowers once. With a light location, a little water twice a week and regular plant food, the Hibiscus will reward you gratefully and infinitely with the beautiful flowering from its many buds.

Hawaiian Hibiscus brings creativity to fruition.

Those who think of Hawaii see white beaches, clear blue water and dancing Aloha girls with thatched skirts and a tropical flower in their hair. That flower, the Hibiscus, brings the same overwhelming summer feeling directly to you in the living room. The flowers of the Hibiscus can rightfully be called exuberant. Large, striking and trumpet-shaped, from white, pink and red to purple, yellow or even two-tone.

Symbol for beauty

The mysterious Hibiscus is not for sale with its beauty; his flowers only bloom for a few days. But everyone who knows the Hibiscus will agree that this is more than worth it. It's not for nothing that this plant symbolizes exceptional beauty, joy, affection, love and happiness. The Hibiscus is happy to offer it to you, as long as you open yourself to him and give him sufficient attention.

Creative ideas

The plant is not just for enjoying, it also ensures that you come up with more creative ideas, whether it's at work or at home while painting, cooking or redesigning your living room. TNO research has shown that people become more creative in a room with plants. One plant is enough to achieve the positive effect. So be inspired by the beauty of your Hibiscus and then surprise him again with your creativity.

Hibiscus Torino has beautiful large orange flowers.

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