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Syngonium 'Trileaf Wonder' moss stick

The Syngonium originates from Central and South America, southern Mexico and the West Indies, where it is a great climber by nature. In addition to good climbing, he can eat and drink well, so take good care of him.
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± 65 cm
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16 cm

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The origin of the Syngonium comes from Central and South America, southern Mexico and the West Indies. The Syngonium just grows in the wild there. The Syngonium comes from the Araceae family, also known as the Arum.


The Syngonium may get water 3 times a week during the growing period (spring to fall) as it drinks a lot. Try to ensure that this is lukewarm water and / or rainwater, because you do him a favor with that. Be careful not to give too much water at once, otherwise the carrots may rot.


You can spray the Syngonium daily in the summer and the rest of the year you can do this once a week. By spraying you remove dust from the plant and help it stay moist.


The Syngonium Does not give much preference to a certain place as long as this plant is not in direct sunlight. Darker versions can be shaded a little more, but generally these plants do well everywhere.

Minimum temperature

21 ° C during the day

18 ° C at night


It is best to feed the Syngonium often. Because the plant grows fairly quickly, it also needs a lot of nutrition. So make sure that the plant is well fed with some regularity (twice a month).


Since the Syngonium grows fast, it also grows quickly from the pot in which it is placed. So it is certainly not surprising to repot this plant every year when it is ready. When repotting the plant, always make sure you have fresh potting soil, which is good for the plant.


A Syngonium grows quite fast and can therefore be pruned fairly often. By cutting off the long stems, it is better to keep the plant in its pot and it will remain full and densely covered.


The Syngonium is a poisonous plant, so pay attention to where you place it with regard to children and pets.

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