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Tulipa Tulipa Wyndham - flower bulbs - set of 21
Tulipa Wyndham - flower bulbs - set of 21

Tulipa Wyndham - flower bulbs - set of 21

Type: Tulipa
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Flower bulbs are a cheerful start to spring. Plant them before frost (in the ground or flowerpot) and enjoy the flowers when the weather warms up again.

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Plant Information
Tulipa Wyndham is a beautiful flower bulb known for its vibrant colors and elegant flowers. This tulip belongs to the Liliaceae family and originates from Holland, where tulips have traditionally been an important symbol. Tulipa Wyndham has a striking shape with sturdy stems and large, round flower heads. The petals have a purple-white color and a light, almost white edge, providing a subtle contrast.
Planting Instructions
The Tulipa Wyndham likes a sunny location with well-drained soil. Dig a hole of about 10 cm. Place the tulip bulb with the pointed side up and cover with soil. Make sure the bulbs are planted about 5-10 cm apart so they have enough room to grow.
After planting, water the tulip bulbs to keep the soil moist. Tulips need a cold period to bloom, so it is important to plant them between September and December, before frost sets in. After planting, it is important to water the tulips regularly, especially during dry periods. Make sure the soil does not get too wet, as this can cause the bulbs to rot.
Plant height
The flower bulbs have a circumference of approximately 11/12 cm when delivered.
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