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Vanda Yellow Henna 70 cm

Vanda, the jewel among the orchids! The care of a Vanda differs from that of other orchids. If you follow the care tips, you will have years of pleasure from your beautiful Vanda orchid.
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± 70 cm

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Vanda's are doing very well at normal room temperatures, between 18 and 27 degrees Celsius. At a proper temperature and a lot of light, the plant will grow actively throughout the year.


To bloom, a Vanda orchid needs a lot of light. Avoid direct sunlight in the summer: this causes the leaves of the plant to turn pale and light green. Leaves can also shrink. Too little light will cause the leaves to turn dark green. The plant will then no longer bloom. When opening the flower, it must still be colored.
Extra light in the flowering stage provides a beautiful bright flower color.
After ten days, the flowers have grown to their full size.


Fill the vase with water twice a week during sunny, warm periods. In cloudy and cool periods, this only needs to be done once a week.
When filling the vase with water, the roots suck up the water like a sponge. After about thirty minutes airbubbles no longer appear and the roots are saturated. Then remove the remaining water from the vase. The plant has now stored enough water in the roots for a number of days.


Use an ordinary, balanced fertilizer for the Vanda. This is available at florist or garden center. Add the manure to the water once a month.

New bloom

When the flowers have finished, the flower branch can be cut out. After a few months, depending on the amount of daylight, a new branch will appear. Put the plant away for a couple of weeks in a cool place to promote re-flowering. This place may never be colder than 15 degrees Celsius.

In the meantime, the Vanda normally needs water: the plant has no rest period like other orchid species. It is not necessary to put in the dark: leave the plant in a light place.

Vanda, The jewel among the orchids.


Na een tip van een voormalig orchideeënkweker op deze site enkele Vanda's gekocht. Mooie planten, stevige wortelpruiken en bij een van de planten zelfs een tweede bloemtak. Verschillende planten hebben zijscheuten, wat voor de toekomst zelfstandige planten gaat opleveren! Mooie prijzen, goed en veilig verpakt en vervoerd. Hier ga ik nog wel eens planten bestellen!<
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