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Washingtonia Robusta Washingtonia Robusta California Fan Palm - set of 2
Washingtonia Robusta California Fan Palm - set of 2

Washingtonia Robusta California Fan Palm - set of 2

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This beautiful branched Washingtonia Robusta is for sale online. This fan tree likes to be in a sunny spot. Pay attention! he uses a lot of water.
Height (incl. pot) ± 60 cm
Pot size 15 cm

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The Washingtonia is originally from Mexico but also grows in the (south) west of the United States. In the Netherlands, the Washingtonia is also called the Mexican Fan Palm.


The Washingtonia is often thirsty and can therefore be watered often. In the summer this is allowed weekly, in the winter once every 10 days. Please note, plants can't stand being in a layer of water for too long, because the roots will rot. It is therefore better to give less water more often than too much at once.


Spray the Washingtonia regularly to remove dust from the leaves and prevent pests. Preferably once a week. If you heat the room, even 2 x is recommended. Spraying also improves the quality of the houseplant.


The Washingtonia can stand in the light as well as in the shade. Note that too much direct sunlight is not good for plants. The Washingtonia can also be left outside in the warmer months.

Minimum temperature

During the day 18 °C

At night 12°C


Feed the Washingtonia only in the spring and summer. In the winter it is a rest period for most plants, then do not feed. Never give too much as this can lead to burning of the roots. Check the packaging for the correct dosage.


It is best to repot the Washingtonia every 2 years when the pot starts to get too small. It is best to do this in the spring, when the plant will recover the fastest. When you have just purchased the plant, you can also repot it. When you repot the plant, it is best to add fresh potting soil, this promotes the growth of the plant.


It is unavoidable that a Washingtonia gets brown tips on the leaves, older leaves are especially sensitive to this. Since palms create new leaves from above, you can remove (old) leaves from below.


The Washingtonia is not poisonous to humans and pets.


Spider mites are a pest that can occur in Washingtonias because the air is too dry. By spraying more often and preventively, you can prevent spider mites from appearing in the plant.

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