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Chamaerops XL Chamaerops Vulcano Palmtree
XL Chamaerops Vulcano Palmtree

XL Chamaerops Vulcano Palmtree

Type: Chamaerops
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The Chamaerops Humilis "Vulcano" originally comes from the north side of the Etna volcano in Sicily, hence its nickname "Vulcano". It is a very exclusive palm species that currently only occurs on Sicily.

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Chamaerops 'Vulcano' originally comes from the north side of the Etna volcano in Sicily. This is where this palm gets its nickname 'Vulcano'. This exclusive palm species has a special compact growth with extremely strong leaves giving it a bonsai-like appearance. Chamaerops 'Vulcano' is the brother of Chamaerops Humilis but differs in many ways from its relative. It has more leaves that are short and compact, fewer spines on the petioles and flowers faster. The leaves are dark green with a white waxy coating which gives a nice contrast. Chamaerops 'Vulcano' grows very slowly, which is why larger specimens are often quite expensive. This palm is not easy to obtain and seeds are virtually unfindable. This makes it a beautifully exclusive palm and an asset to any balcony, patio or garden.
Chamaerops 'Vulcano' requires a sunny, light spot and well-drained soil. The plant can withstand heat and drought well but during hot summers it is important to water the plant regularly. The Chamaerops cannot stand too wet feet, so make sure that water can drain well. The plant is hardy to -10 degrees Celsius. Partly because of its slow and compact growth, this is an ideal tub plant but the plam can of course also be planted in full soil. If it gets colder than -10 degrees Celsius then the plant needs some extra protection against frost.
Plant height
Upon delivery, the plant has a height of 55 to 65cm (measured incl. pot). The plant comes in a pot with a diameter of 24cm.
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