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Yucca elephantipes 'Jewel' - Palm Lily
elephantipes 'Jewel' - Palm Lily

Yucca elephantipes 'Jewel' - Palm Lily

Type: Yucca
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Online for sale this beautiful branched Yucca Elephantipes Jewel. The yucca or palm lily likes to be in a light spot and does not consume too much water.
Height (incl. pot) ± 150 cm
Pot size 30 cm



The Yucca, also known as the palm lily, comes from different parts of the world such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and parts of Mexico. The lower part of the plant is thickened, this is where the palm lily owes its other name, the elephant's foot. Buying the Yucca online is now also possible. At FloraStore there are various palm lilies online that you can purchase.


The Yucca likes to be in a light spot (no direct sun), but partial shade is also possible. Can a Yucca stand outside? In the summer, a spot on the terrace is no problem, but watch out for temperatures below 8 degrees. Avoid outside or the midday sun. During the growing period from April to August, fertilize once every two weeks. Do not water too much, especially in winter. During the growing period, water slightly more than in winter. Keep the soil slightly drier. The plant should not stand with its feet in the water. You can also occasionally wipe the leaves of the Yucca with a damp cloth or put it in the shower.


How often should a yucca be watered? Once the Yucca's soil is dry, the plant does not need much water. In addition, dry air is not a problem for the Yucca houseplant, so spraying is not immediately necessary. It is important that the soil is given sufficient time to dry. Only in spring and summer does the Yucca need more water than usual, especially during the hot days. A rain shower or spraying helps to remove dust. In addition, it is also preventive against diseases. It is best to use lime-free water or rainwater for spraying. A damp cloth can also be used to remove the remaining dust.


Because the Yucca needs little nutrition, fertilizing is only advisable in spring and summer. no food in winter! Too much nutrition can lead to burnt roots. Use Pokon green plant food for this. It often happens that the Yucca is fertilized too much, always be careful.


The Yucca will keep creating new leaves from the heart. The lower leaves may die (natural process) and you can remove them by pulling them down. There may be sap from the leaves that is harmful, beware of this. In addition, the trunks can be sawn off if they become too long. It is important to know that it is best to cut in the autumn. The trunks will eventually continue to grow after being pruned.


Check the Yucca regularly for diseases. Look under and between the leaf, the sooner you detect the disease, the greater the chance of effective control. What you will not quickly find with a Yucca is spider mites, if this is the case, it is best to use a biological pesticide.


Outside, a Yucca can start to flower. The flowers are spectacular to see, when a Yucca blooms in the house it is advisable to remove the flower. This flower takes a lot of energy from the plant. A Yucca in bloom is rare in the Netherlands.


It is advisable to transplant the Yucca into a larger pot immediately after purchase. What kind of soil should the Yucca be in? The palm lily prefers a somewhat drier type of soil. Repotting is preferably done in the spring, this allows any damaged roots to recover quickly "during this growing period". The advice is to repot the palm lily once every three years. This way the Yucca can grow in a healthy way. A larger pot allows the elephant's foot to store more water.

Buying the Yucca online saves a lot of hassle!

Height (incl. pot):± 150 cm
Pot size ⌀:30 cm
Article number:YUCJEW301TF
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