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Zantedeschia calla Concrete pot

The Calla in decorative pot is perfectly suited as a houseplant, but can also function as a patio plant in the summer. On the terrace, preferably in the shade but after habituation to the outside conditions, the Calla can also tolerate the sun.
Zantedeschia calla
Zantedeschia calla
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± 45 cm
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15 cm

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Zantedeschia (Calla)


The Zantedeschia Calla is originally a South African marsh plant and comes from the family of the Arumeae (Araceae). This family consists of monocotyledonous plants. The flowers are collected on a fleshy spike, surrounded by a bract. This bract is often attractively colored.

In 1725 the Calla was discovered by the then European governor. He sent a number of copies to Europe, where it has grown into a popular room and patio plant.

Calla is a marsh plant that firmly anchors itself in banks. The plant grows from South Africa to Malawi, often in places where the drainage of rainwater is obstructed. This creates a short swamp-like situation in which Calla stores moisture in its bulbs. And they help him through the dry periods.


The Callas' tubers are from California. These tubers are two years old and are potted in the nursery. The cultivation period depends on the type and period in which it is planted and varies between 10 and 16 weeks. The Calla is available during the period from February to December.

Care tips

The Calla is an easy plant that makes no special demands. The Calla grows best at a temperature between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius. In a not too warm room, the flowers stay fresh for longer. The Calla also tolerates lower temperatures, but will no longer grow.

He comes best to his right on a light spot with a damp, well-drained soil. That means a heavy splash of water two or four times a week as long as the plant flowers. No water may remain in the pot.

Zantedeschia Calla is an easy plant and will give you fun for weeks.

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