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Orchideeën Brassia 'Shelob Tolkien'
Brassia 'Shelob Tolkien'

Orchideeën Brassia 'Shelob Tolkien'

Soort: Orchideeën
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  • Hoogte (incl. pot): ± 55 cm
  • Potmaat: 12cm


The Brassia is an evergreen epiphyte and is found in Central and South America. This beautiful orchid is related to the Oncidium, but does not require as high a light requirement as most Oncidiums. 


Place Orchids in a light place at a room temperature of 18 to 20C and give them a special, liquid orchid fertilizer once a month. (available from us)

Pot orchids do not like wet feet. Once a week, immerse the plant in water at room temperature for 5 to 10 minutes and allow the Brassia to drain well.

The Brassia also dislikes drafts and direct sunlight. In addition, they do not like a stove or central heating in the neighborhood.
A fruit bowl in the area is also not a good option. Fruit produces gases that cause flowers to age quickly.

To water

Use rainwater "if possible"!
Do not pour the water on the plant, but on the earth.
Preferably water the plant in the morning so that the moisture has time to dry.
Keep orchids drier in the winter than in the summer. They are then at rest. Only give a little water every now and then.
Water the orchid more and more in the spring, with some special fertilizer now and then.

Because most modern houses nowadays have a dry atmosphere and the orchid prefers a humid air, the orchid Brassia loves it if you spray the leaves of the orchid regularly.

The Brassia is "like most orchids a rewarding plant. With good care it can flower again.

Flowering time

The flowering time of the Brassia orchid is 6 to 6 weeks.


Hoogte (incl. pot):± 55 cm
Potmaat ⌀:12 cm
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