Zamioculcas is Living Plant of the month of June

In June powerhouse Zamioculcas of the month, the Living Plant. Hip, stylish and super easy to care. Read more



Zamioculcas zamiifolia belongs to the family of Araceae, the arondskelkachtigen. It is a perennial with pinnate leaves 40 to 60 cm long. The leaves on the thick stems are smooth, shiny and dark green. The plant can bloom, but rarely do indoors, only strong neglect. Arum like flowers grow from the base of the plant.

The meaning of the name is difficult to trace. Culcas is an old name for a different genus Colocasia. The species zamiifolia has leaves that resemble the Zamia-ferns, the name is a combination of the two. It is also called the ZZ-plant, as an abbreviation of the scientific name. Because the plant is only part of the living plant range since 1996, no specific symbolism is still attached. Given his indestructibility are keywords but aptly as 'force', 'survivor' and 'go-getter'.



Zamioculcas is an 'easy care' product and can have many. In terms of employment he thrives oop both a bright spot as partial shade. Room temperature of 18-22 ° C is fine, the plant should not be too cold, though he does there is generally not very hard over again. The only thing Zamioculcas really can not stand is a footbath. The rootball should between waterings by drying slightly, the plant has strong succulent properties in leaves and roots to bridge along a dry spell. Even give some plant food in the month, spraying the leaves regularly with lukewarm water. Optionally, old leaves are removed, enough light will form new springs (leaves). In summer, when the temperature does not fall below 12 ° C, the plant in the garden or on the terrace. To watch out for sunlight. The plant is only decorative and not suitable for consumption.

Zamioculcas is an ideal due to its strong vertical lines of the rising pinnate leaves. striking plant to bring along a green interior. The fact that it is a very easy house plant, makes it attractive for students and busy people, although also stores its green ease in offices and public spaces. Depending on the plant pot fits both modern and classic interiors.

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