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Do you have a question about damage or a case where we need to look at your received plants? Send an email with photo to [email protected]!

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Frequently asked questions

1 About Florastore

Our business address is..

Street and house number: Kwartsweg 50
Zip code: 2665NN
City: Bleiswijk
Country: The Netherlands

NB! This is not a visiting address.

If you prefer not to use our contact form, for example because you want to add an attachment, you can reach our customer service via: [email protected]

2 Shipping

You can track your shipment via GLS Group with your personal Track & Trace code. If you are not at home during delivery, the courier will decide between 3 options:

  1. Delivering your parcel to the nearest Parcel Shop. Parcels are kept for a maximum of 5 days.
  2. Attempting the delivery again the next (working) day.
  3. Taking the parcel back to the GLS depot, where it will be stored until you make a new delivery
    appointment with GLS.

You will receive an email from GLS with the required information.

You will receive an email from GLS with the expected delivery date. If the delivery date is not convenient, you can change the preferred day or delivery address via the Flex Delivery Service.

When you receive a Track & Trace link, we have processed your order. However, it may be that we have not yet handed over your order to GLS. When your parcel is handed over to GLS, the tracking code will be activated and the first status will appear. From now on, you can track the shipment.

In case you have ordered multiple plants, it may be that your order is sent out in more than one parcel. When you receive a parcel and you are still missing part of your order, we will wait at least 24 hours for the courier to deliver the remaining parcel(s). In case there is no delivery, we will start an investigation with GLS. This investigation will take between 5-10 working days. When your parcel is not found, we will resend the missing plant(s).

How annoying! We will have to start an investigation at GLS. This investigation will take between 5-10 working days. If, during the investigation, the order is not found, we will resend your order.

We deliver to many countries within Europe. View the countries we serve and the associated shipping costs on >this link< and discover the the possibilities.

3 Ordering and returning

Unfortunately that is not possible. The plant you order is picked up fresh from the grower after your order, so we do not see it in advance. Because a plant is a natural product, your plant can never be exactly the same as the plant in the photo. Before and during the packaging of your plant, assess whether the health and dimensions of the plant meet our promise. We also give him some water "for the road". This way we ensure that you are happy with your order.

The prices shown in our webshop include 9% Dutch VAT. Are you ordering from another country? Then you pay your local rate. You will see this amount after entering your address details. Sometimes the price can be slightly higher, but also lower. In any case, we transfer the entire VAT amount to the government of your country, we do not earn anything extra from it.

As plants are perishable goods, they cannot be returned or exchanged.

We recommend purchasing a pot whose internal size is the same or at least 1 cm larger than the
size of the growers' pot indicated.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change the order after we have accepted it.

You can! Thanks to our contacts with local growers, we have a large stock at our disposal. If you need customization, for example due to multiple delivery addresses, we are happy to think along with you.

4 Damage or quality deviation

In case your plant arrives damaged, we would like to receive photos of the damaged plants in their entirety, so we can clearly see the damage and the full condition of the plant. When we agree that the complaint is justified, we will always offer a solution. 

In case your plant does not meet the correct height, we would like to receive a photo with a measuring tape next to the plant. It is important that the entire height is clearly visible on the photo. We measure the plants from the bottom of the nursery pot to the highest leaf. The highest point of the plant is when it is held upright (not when the plant falls back into its natural position).

If the potting soil is loose in the shipping box, we recommend collecting the potting soil and putting it back into the pot and pressing it. Loose potting soil does no harm and has no effect on the health of the plant.

We do not offer a guarantee on the growers pots. We always advise to repot the plant in a pot that is about 20% larger, so that the plant gets enough space to grow and can absorb new nutrients from the new potting soil.

Your plant is suitable for parcel post and has been securely packed by us. However, it may happen that he sometimes looks less vital, for example due to too long exposure to considerable heat and cold or due to an accident during the delivery process. Don't worry: your plant will usually recover after a sip of water, some fresh air and the right location. If not, let us know after a few days!

After the trip, the plant can often use a sip of water. We recommend checking the potting soil and watering when the first 2cm of the potting soil is completely dry. In addition, the plant usually needs a day or two to recover from its trip, as the sudden change in temperature and light can be a bit of a shock for them.