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Plants that are safe for your pets

Plants that are safe for your pets

Is this plant poisonous to my dog and cat? We sometimes get this question and we understand that you sometimes wonder. Because there are a lot of poisonous plants that can indeed be dangerous for your pet.
Plants that are safe for your pets

There are a lot of animals that don't like your new acquisition, despite that there are also plenty of pets that do like a plant-based diet. To make it all a bit easier, we have put together a list with the florastore team so that you can leave your pet and green friend alone with peace of mind.

1. Palm

There are many types of palms, and almost all of them are non-toxic. The Cycas palm is an exception to this. Fortunately, you are always in the right place with a home, garden and kitchen palm such as the Kentia, the fan palm or the gold palm.

2. Calathea

Calathea is a long-standing classic in the living room. Not surprising when you consider that this plant goes very well with pets. We are fans and you may already know that! View our entire Calathea range here.

3. The banana plant

This beautiful jungle plant looks very tough with its Tarzan appearance, but secretly the Musa has a soft spot for all furry friends.

4. The Medinilla

This fine plant is not only very beautiful, it is also very safe for your pets. You can safely let the Medinilla bloom next to your furry friends. View our medinillas here.


5. Pancake Plant

Who doesn't love pancakes? No exactly, nobody! Neither do your pets! A beautiful plant that really can do no harm between your pets. Have you seen our hanging pilea yet?

6. Polyscias Fabian

This tree of a plant likes to be with your animals. The shade lover is anything but poisonous. Make sure that your cat does not use the plant as a scratching post.

Of course, there are other plants that are not poisonous to your furry friend. Do you want to know for sure? Then you can take a look at our plant guide. If you really can't figure it out, you can always send us a message!