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Are you looking for a large or small cactus for your home or office? Whether you are looking for a large or small cactus for indoors, FloraStore has it all. Ordered within a few clicks and delivered in no time!

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FloraStore cacti for every interior

The indoor cactus is the houseplant of the moment. Cacti need less water than other plants and flower more easily. Did you know that the cactus itself stores water? The plant originally comes from a hot climate such as South America, and is therefore used to surviving on little water. You really only need to water most types of cacti once a week. They cannot withstand too much water. Do you want to buy a cactus? Then FloraStore is the right place for you!

What kind of cactus to order?

A cactus is an easy and strong plant. Cacti are available in all shapes and sizes. For example, we have small cacti for sale of 15 centimeters high, but also larger ones. The largest cactus that we offer at FloraStore is even a meter high! We have different types of cacti, everything you are looking for! If you want to buy a cactus online, then you've come to the right place.

Cacti: the pros and cons

The cactus is a relatively easy houseplant. However, it is also known for its spines. These make it difficult to repot the plant. Also, the plant cannot be within the reach of pets due to its thorns. But otherwise the cactus is an ideal plant! The plant can go without water for a long time, tolerates dry air well and does not make high demands on light intensity. There are also many different variations!

Why buy a cactus online at FloraStore?

Ordering a cactus at FloraStore has many advantages! Care is simple. Your cactus needs little attention. It is best to let the soil dry out completely before watering the cactus again. In the summer the cactus can stand in full sun, also outside on the terrace or in the garden.

Buy a cactus now?

Have you become enthusiastic? Order a beautiful cactus for your home or office right away! We have several types - small cacti or large ones. So something for everyone. Each cactus is described in detail how it can best be cared for. Are you looking for pet-friendly plants or other types of green houseplants? Then take a look at our website.