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Everything you need to know about the Orchid

Everything you need to know about the Orchid

Although the Orchid used to have a somewhat dusty image, it is currently increasing in popularity. We do not find this surprising at Florastore. Because let's face it, it's a beautiful flower with a special character.
Everything you need to know about the Orchid

A very big family

Of all the plant families in the world, the Orchid is one of the largest! The number of different species is estimated at about 20,000, far too many to list them all, of course. It is a subtropical plant native to Southeast Asia and Australia. Nice to know, in nature the hummingbird pollinates the most beautiful orchids.

Watering the Orchid

The Orchid is fairly picky when it comes to watering. So make sure you do this carefully! The best way is to give the Orchid a little water once a week or for a week and a half. Place the orchid in a layer of water. Note, do not let the water rise higher than the leaves, this can cause the plant to rot. Let the Orchid drain well before placing it back in the decorative pot. We recommend using rainwater instead of tap water, as tap water often contains a high amount of lime.

Before you start watering, take a look at the roots. Are these light gray? Then give them some water. This means that they are dry. Are the roots (dark) green? Then they have enough water and they don't need anything for a while. If too much water remains in the pot, there is a chance that the roots will rot and the Orchid will die. And of course we don't want that.

This is the best place to put the Orchid

You make the Orchid is happiest if you put it in a bright place in the house. The best temperature is around 18 – 23 degrees. Try not to put the Orchid in direct sunlight, as this can burn the leaves. Avoid spots near a stove or heating, the air is often drier here. A place next to the fruit bowl is not recommended at all! A lot of (ripe) fruit gives off a natural substance, which makes the orchid age earlier.

The best pot for your Orchid

It is best to choose a real orchid pot. The difference with other flower pots is that these pots have an edge. This ensures that you can place your Orchid with pot and all in it and that the roots do not touch the bottom. Orchids have aerial roots. This is because they occur naturally in the rainforest.

Orchids FAQ

My Orchid is getting a yellow leaf.

Does the leaf turn from green to yellow? This means that the plant is getting too much sunlight.

The leaf of my Orchid turns to dark green and the plant loses its buds.

These are signs that the Orchid is in a dark place.

My Orchid drops her flowers.

Have you noticed for a long time that your Orchid keeps dropping its flowers? Then this is a sign that the plant is in a too cold place or is getting too much or too little water.

The leaves of my Orchid are limp

This often has to do with an excess or shortage of water. Check this through the roots. If the roots are nice and green, your Orchid is getting enough water. When the roots are grayer in color, this means that the houseplant is too dry.