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Shipping & returns

You will receive your order via GLS. They handle our fragile products with the utmost care, so that these products are also delivered to you in top quality.


We ship to:

Free shipment from €150 !


Postage costs

Vlag van Ierland Ireland

€ 13,95

Vlag van Nederland Netherlands

€ 5,95

Vlag van Nederland Wadden Islands

€ 12,50

Vlag van België Belgium

€ 6,95

Vlag van Duitsland Germany

€ 7,95

Vlag van Frankrijk France

€ 8,95

Vlag van Italië Italy

€ 12,95

Vlag van Luxemburg Luxembourg

€ 11,95

Vlag van Tsjechië Czech Republic

€ 12,95

Vlag van Denemarken Denmark

€ 9,95

Vlag van Oostenrijk Austria

€ 8,95

Vlag van Polen Poland

€ 9,95 


€ 15,95


€ 16,25

Vlag van Slowakije Slovakia

€ 14,95

Vlag van Spanje Spain

€ 12,95

Vlag van Zweden Sweden

€ 13,95 (>to service point)

*Rates are calculated automatically after address details have been entered. Prices can differ due to local taxes!

Delivery times

Delivery times for the Netherlands & Belgium
Orders placed in the Netherlands and Belgium will be delivered within 2 to 5 working days.

Delivery times for the Germany & France
Orders placed in the Germany, Luxembourg and France will be delivered within 3 to 6 working days.

Delivery times for all other European countries
All other European countries have to count on delivery times of 4 to 8 working days.


Right of return
Consumers have the right to return products within 14 days of receipt without giving any reason. But perishable products, such as plants, are exempt from this right. That is why our general terms and conditions state: "Our fresh products cannot be returned, because they spoil or age quickly."

Did you order a non-perishable product, for example a decorative pot without a plant? Then you have the right to return it within 14 days of receipt  without giving reasons. For this you must use a sturdy cardboard shipping box and (if reasonably possible) the original packaging. We therefore advise you to carefully open our shipping box and the original packaging, so that you can use it to return the order if necessary.

Return costs
The costs for returning are in principle for the buyer. However, if the return is due to our fault (for example an incorrect product description), we can choose to bear these costs.

Always fresh plants

FloraStore very deliberately does not keep any plants in stock. Once you place an order, we order the plants fresh from the growers and the grower will use their expertise to determine the day on which we can receive the plants in the best possible condition. Once the plants have been delivered to us, they will be packed and shipped the same day to ensure the fastest possible delivery.

Important to know: If you place an order after 12 noon on a Friday, order we only deliver the plants to our growers on Mondays in order to guarantee a consistently high quality.


We package your plants securely and professionally, so that they come to you neatly. In almost all cases, the packaging consists of 100% recyclable material.