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Literally translated, Bonsai means: tree in a pot. 'Bon' stands for plant and 'sai' can be translated as bowl or pot. Bonsai is grown in Asia and evokes the image of an old tree. A bonsai artist tries to create a reduced image of an old tree or landscape in nature with living plant material. Compare it to a painter or a sculptor. One tries to capture an impression of a landscape with paint, the other does this, for example, with a piece of wood, the whole becomes a work of art. A good reason to buy a Bonsai ficus.

The history of the bonsai ficus you can buy online

Even before the beginning of our era, Chinese monks saw the beauty of the small trees in nature and also attributed great powers to them. As an image bearer of the mountainous environment, they took the trees home and further cultivated them in pots . Later other tree species were also used and this is how a culture and form culture was created that has come to be called Bonsai. Bonsai is still a widespread hobby in China to this day. There these plants are called “Penjing”.

The bonsai ficus is coming to Europe, where it can now also be bought online

Both in Japan and in Korea there is a long history of the Bonsai ficus that you can buy from us. Penjing has been introduced to these countries from China and, with its own perception, has been elevated to bonsai art, in which many new techniques have been developed. The bonsai was only introduced in Europe in the 20th century, but nowadays you can easily order this beautiful plant online. The introduction was done through shows and always as an entry from China or Japan. Bonsai as a hobby is about 50 years old in Europe, and nowadays many hobbyists simply order their bonsai online. Bonsai has only emerged as an ornamental plant product in the last twenty years or so. It is now impossible to imagine European living rooms without this plant.

Care tips to keep your bonsai beautiful for as long as possible

Of course you want to keep your bonsai ficus beautiful for as long as possible after you have bought it online. To achieve this, we would like to give you a number of tips:

  • The pitch

Your bonsai was grown in South China and is used to an annual temperature between 12 and 30 degrees Celsius. That is why it is extremely suitable for indoor use. If the outside temperature is higher than 12 degrees Celsius, you can also place the bonsai outside very well. Bonsai trees need light to grow well. Place your bonsai in a light place, possibly with some direct sunlight. Make sure your tree is in direct sunlight all day long.

  • Watering

Your bonsai is a living tree. All trees need moisture to survive and grow. Too little water will dry out the leaves and, if it continues for a long time, also dry out the sap flow. Too much water causes the roots to rot in the shell and weakens the tree. Water your bonsai when the soil starts to dry up and wait with the next watering until the tree has absorbed the water (in a normal location this is about every two days). Always make sure that the root ball is well saturated. The excess water drains out of the pot through the bottom.

  • The nutrition

Every bonsai needs certain substances to maintain its systems. It is best to use solid or liquid bonsai ficus plant food that you can buy online from us. Solid nutrition is pressed into the soil and dissolves with water. Most known as solid food is Biogold. Take the outside diameter of the pot in centimeters. This is the maximum dosage of the number of grains you press into the soil. You mix liquid nutrition with the irrigation water. Use the dosage as indicated on the packaging. You can also use normal plant food. Please keep in mind to adjust the dosage to 60% of what you would give Biogold, since liquid nutrition is more concentrated. Your Bonsai grows all year round and therefore needs food all year round.

Enjoy your bonsai ficus for many years to come after buying it online

A bonsai is often several years old before it is sold, varying from a few to many decades. The tree, if properly cared for, can continue to grow for many years. Just be sure to prune it regularly! Always use good tools for this. Old or dull shears can lead to disease in the pruning wound.

Order your bonsai online for a pleasant price

The age of the bonsai and the care with which it has been pruned also determine the price. In our wide range you will find high quality bonsais, but at an affordable price. Do you have questions? Send an e-mail to [email protected] . Would you like to order your bonsai online right away? You can do that in our webshop!