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What do your leaves want to tell you?

What do your leaves want to tell you?

The leaves of a plant can tell us a lot, they indicate when they are thirsty, have to get used to their new environment or get too much light.
What do your leaves want to tell you?

We have listed all the signs for you so that you know what is wrong with your plant next time. Unfortunately, these tips do not apply to all plants. Interested in the needs of your specific plant? Then take a look at our plant guide.

1. The tips of the leaf turn brown.

If this happens, your plants will need more moisture. Mist the leaves more often or - if the potting soil is very dry - water the plant more often. Humidity in the house can also be a problem. You can improve this by opening the windows more often, or bringing more plants into your home. The more the better ;)

2. The leaves turn yellow.

If the leaves turn yellow, there could be two things going on. If the leaves are yellow/moist and start to rot, it means that the plant has been given too much water. If the leaves are yellow but dry and with brown spots, it means that you have given the plant little water. If you are sure that you are giving the plant just enough water, yellow leaves can also indicate outdated potting soil. Yellow leaves are then caused by insufficient nutrients.

3. The leaf curls up.

The curling of the leaves tells you that the plant is not getting enough water. The opposite can be the cause of an excess of water. If it is not the water, it is due to the draft or a lack of heat.

4. Lots of leaf loss.

If the plant suddenly loses a lot of leaves, this is not immediately a reason to panic, but action must be taken immediately. It can already happen after the plant has been repotted in a decorative pot and has to get used to the new situation. A difference in temperature, a very cold draft or suddenly a lot of light can also lead to leaf loss.

5. One leaf gets a strange dull color.

If the leaf discolours or gets a duller color than the other "healthy" leaves, there is usually too much light. However, I recommend that you take a good look at the leaf to make sure it is not infected.

6. Leaf fall on a new plant.

Your plant may drop some leaves when you take it out of the box and put it in a nice new place. Just like people, plants also have to get used to a new environment. He can get a little less or a little more light in the place where you put him than he is used to. Give your plant time to adjust to the new environment, it will really work out.

7. leaf fall and desiccation of the lower leaves.

Dehydration of the leaves usually has to do with irregular watering or, for example, watering for 1 week and not for 3 weeks. Too little light or suddenly a lot of heat can also be the cause.