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This is how you water the right way

This is how you water the right way

Watering is seen by many people as a difficult job. We would like to help these people with some useful tips about watering.
This is how you water the right way

There are so many different plant species with all different water needs, the tips below apply to most plants. If you want to know the specific water needs of a plant species, take a look at our plant guide.


How much water does my plant need?

Unfortunately, we don't have a simple answer to this. This depends on a number of factors. The origin of the plant. Does the plant come from the desert? Then your plant does not need as much water and the soil can be a bit drier. Does your plant come from the rainforest? Then it likes water and the soil may remain (slightly) moist.

Something to watch out for : don't leave a plant with its roots in water. Root rot can occur in this way, which is not good for your plant. If the plant is still in its grower spot, i.e. with holes at the bottom, you can easily keep an eye on this. If water comes out of the bottom of the pot when watering, you have watered too much. You will learn how much water you really need after a while by trying.

How often does my plant need water?

Most plants like to have moist soil at all times. So not soaking wet, but not bone dry either. This is also just practice and try until you find the right formula. Give the plant some water, check after a few days if the soil is still wet. (You can just do this with your finger, stick it in the soil and feel whether the soil is dry or wet) If so, you don't have to add water yet. If not, then you know what to expect.

Please note, there are of course plenty of exceptions such as cacti and other desert plants that like to be dry every now and then. For specific information, please refer to our plant guide.

How often should I spray?

Regular spraying with a plant sprayer will do many houseplants well. This may happen more often, especially in winter, when the air is often very dry due to the heating. We recommend that you spray your plants with a plant sprayer once every two weeks. You can also take your plants with you to the shower, put the plants next to the shower and let them enjoy the warm vapors.

What time should I water my plants?

It is generally recommended to water plants in the morning. This is when both the water and the plant are still cool. This certainly applies in the summer, the plant does not like to receive cold water on a hot day in the afternoon or in the evening. The plant itself is quite warm at that time, the shock of the cold water can cause it to yellow or lose leaves. You certainly don't have to set your alarm for it, somewhere between 7 and 10 in the morning is ideal.

What is the best temperature for the water?

As stated above, the temperature of the water also affects the watering. A good rule is to keep the water temperature about the same as room temperature. In general, it is therefore better if the water is slightly warmer than our drinking water.

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