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Beautiful plants for the bedroom

Check out our inspiration tips on how to decorate your bedroom with plants. With our collection you can buy plants to decorate the bedroom beautifully with plants that purify the air or spread wonderful scents.


The Jasmine, also called the Star Jasmine, Tuscan Jasmine or Gardenia, is a graceful plant that originates from the Himalayas and other regions of China. It is an evergreen plant with fragrant flowers. The fragrant flowers of the Jasmine can give a calming feeling. This way the plant can help you to reduce stress. Jasmine tea is made because of its calming effect.

This makes the houseplant an ideal addition to the bedroom, as it can limit the unpleasant morning smells. With this beautiful bedroom plant you can make your space fresh again with sweet scents. The Jasmine can also be used in the garden. The plant is hardy and is often found as a climbing plant. It is an easy plant, at room temperatures the Jasmine needs water twice a week. This makes the Jasmine a good addition to your bedroom. Read more.

Aloë Vera

Are you looking for bedroom plants then the Aloe Vera is the right choice. The Aloe Vera is a plant that is easy to care for and does not have too many needs. The bedroom plant has a refreshing effect, as the plant purifies the air and repels oxygen at night. This improves sleep and promotes health. Pay attention, the Aloe Vera is a plant that needs a lot of light. Make sure that the plant gets a place on the windowsill in your bedroom.

The plant, which is also best known for its healing effect, is a real asset to your bedroom. You can buy the Aloe Vera plant in our wide range of house plants. We also offer tips to care for your Aloe Vera. Read more


The Bonsai, originating from China and elevated to an art form in Japan, has been a very popular plant for many years. The Bonsai tree was once created because miniature environments could be imitated through the tree. Bring the Far East into your home with the Bonsai tree. This is a beautiful bedroom plant. The plant has a calming power and makes your bedroom Feng Shui.

The Bonsai tree is a plant that needs a lot of attention. For example, the soil must remain constantly moist and the plant needs partial shade. The leaves may also require attention when pruning. That is why it is useful to use a bonsai starter kit, caring for a bonsai tree has never been so easy. You can buy a bonsai tree at FloraStore, discover the different varieties such as the Carmona, Zelkova, Ficus and many others. Read more.

Peace Lily

The Spathiphyllum, also called the Peace Lily or Peace Lily is a plant that is a member of the Araceae family. It grows mainly in the tropical rainforests of Colombia and Venezuela. The plant was introduced to Europe in 1870 and has been very popular ever since. The peace lily is also known as the bringer of peace: the white flower represents the white flag that is internationally recognized as a signal of a truce, peace.

Its popularity is also due to the scents that the Spathiphyllum spreads. Any room can be refreshed by this. It is a beautiful bedroom plant that needs little light and water. Super handy to put on the bedside table, for example. The spoon plant also has an air-purifying effect, providing the bedroom with sufficient oxygen. In addition, the spoon plant is also available for people with hay fever. Read more.

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