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5 tips to bring your houseplants back to life

5 tips to bring your houseplants back to life

Plants generally last quite a long time, but it can of course happen that your plant threatens to fail. Still, there are some tricks to give your plant a second life.
5 tips to bring your houseplants back to life

1. Water less

Not every plant needs the same amount of water. When the plant is dying, it is often thought that the plant has received too little water. We then add a little extra to this, but that does not have to be the cause. For useful tips you can take a look at our blog about watering.

So try to water your plant less first. Or if you've forgotten it for weeks, you can also try to give it some water first.

2. Different place

Some plants cannot tolerate drafts, too much sunlight, or too little sunlight. Maybe your plant is too close to the heating. Just to be sure, move your plant to a different place in the room, or another room. Give it a try.

3. Another jar

We notice it ourselves sometimes, those jeans that are just a little too tight, it just doesn't fit well. A plant can also have this with its pot. The roots of some plants can grow quite well and you don't always realize that. It may therefore be better for the plant to get a new larger pot.

4. Remove dead leaves and branches

But why now? Plants give energy to all leaves and branches, even the dead ones. So it is a great shame to waste this energy. Remove all leaves and branches by hand or with scissors and make sure that your plant puts its energy into the beautiful new leaves.

5. Don't just pour water into the earth

Not all plants like to get water only through the soil, but prefer to get the water from the air. Palms for example, they come from a tropical climate where they normally get a lot of moisture from the air or can enjoy a heavy rain shower. So it can't hurt to put your plant outside in the rain every now and then.

In addition, many plants benefit from some watering in winter. The air is much drier in the house then, because the heating is on.

For all plants, check in our plant guide per species what the exact care of this plant is. As we have already said, every plant is different and every plant requires different care.