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5 x plants with a special leaf drawing

5 x plants with a special leaf drawing

Plants with beautiful leaf markings. These leaves sometimes appear to be painted by hand. Are you already a fan? We do! And that's why we've listed the best ones below.
5 x plants with a special leaf drawing

1. The Calathea

One of the most popular special houseplants and for good reason. All varieties of this plant species have beautiful leaf markings. The leaves often contain different shades, which makes the patterns stand out extra beautifully. View all varieties of Calathea here.

2. The Dieffenbachia

The Dieffenbachia has a fresh look. Because the base of the leaf is dark green, the light green spotted drawing really stands out. An advantage of the Dieffenbachia is that it is a good air purifier. Fun fact: this plant is named after Mr. Dieffenbach, Princess Sisi's gardener. View all varieties of the Dieffenbachia here.

3. The Aglaonema

The name of the Aglaonema is derived from the Greek: 'aglos' means brilliant and 'nema' thread, the name refers to the beautifully drawn leaf. One of the strongest selling points of this leaf beauty is that it is very easy going and can take a beating. That makes Aglaonema an ideal plant for people with less green fingers, but still looks like a leafy plant for advanced users. View all variants of the Aglaonema here.

4. The Caladium

The caladium is one you almost want to eat. This is due to its beautiful colored and almost transparent leaves. The Caladium is a plant that grows from a tuber out of the ground. It is a seasonal plant that naturally goes into hibernation in the winter and then fully blooms in the spring. The plant always blooms at the Caladium from the FloraStore webshop! View all variants of the Caladium here.

5. The peperomia

The Peperomia Argyreia is also called Watermelon plant. Not surprising, because the drawing on the leaf makes it look like a watermelon. The leaves of this plant are somewhat thicker and can therefore take a beating. Does the drawing of the leaf fade? This is usually because the plant does not receive enough light. So don't put it in a dark place. View all varieties of Peperomia here.