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Care instructions for the Caladium

Introduction - How to buy a Caladium?

The Caladium is a plant that grows from a tuber. It is a seasonal plant that goes into hibernation in the winter and then blossoms out in the spring. With the Caladium from FloraStore's webshop, the plant always blooms! Read the Caladium care tips below.

Origin - where does the Caladium come from?

The Caladium originates from the tropical environments of Brazil and the Amazon. The plants can basically be found in the jungles of Central and South America. The name of the Caladium comes from the word Keladi. This means "plant with edible roots".

Caladium care - How to care for a Caladium?

Habitat for the Caladium

The Caladium can best be placed in a place where there is a lot of indirect sunlight. This way the plant gets enough light. Too much light would damage the plant badly, the leaves could burn. Please note that the location of the Caladium should be reasonably humid. If this is not the case, you can easily compensate by giving water.

Caladium temperature

The plant is used to a tropical environment. This is why the Caladium can only be brought outside in the summer. The plant needs a temperature of at least 15 degrees. Please make sure that the plant is not put outside in too much light, because this is bad for the plant.

Watering the Caladium (spraying)

In the summer months, it is advisable to water the plant twice a week. In the other months you can reduce this. Make sure that the soil of the Caladium always stays moist. You will notice soon enough when the plant needs more water, because the leaves will start drooping.

Feeding the Caladium

The Caladium should be fed in the spring and summer months. Give the plant nutrition every month so that the Caladium can grow optimally.

Repotting of the Caladium

The plant needs to be large. As soon as you have bought it, you can repot it in a larger size. Make sure that the tuber is firmly attached so that it can do its work optimally. The roots need a lot of space to be able to grow in the future.


Pruning of the Caladium

It is best to prune the Caladium as soon as it starts to flower. These often demand a lot of energy from the plant, energy it already needs for its beautiful leaves. The same applies to dead/disturbed leaves, which can simply be pruned off the Caladium. Make sure that the leaves have died off completely.


Poisonous - Caladium poisonous?

The Caladium is poisonous for children and pets. That is why you should think carefully about where you want to place the Caladium. A high place where children and animals cannot reach is ideal.


Common diseases of Caladium

As soon as the Caladium loses leaves, you need not worry. In some periods, this is normal and in time, beautiful leaves will return. Check the Caladium regularly for pests, because prevention is better than cure. Caterpillars and lice can be a pest to the Caladium, in this case it is best to shake them off the leaves and spray with water mixed with (biological) soap.