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Needs little water
Semi-shade, no direct sunlight
Not air-purifying
Nutrition every month (summer)
Slightly toxic for animals
Repot every other year
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The Senecio comes in different shapes and sizes. They have one thing in common with all of them. It is a succulent that does not need much care.


The Senecio is probably one of the easiest plants when it comes to the location. Light, dark, warm, cold... It doesn't really matter much to the Senecio. It does have a slight preference for occasional sunlight.

Senecio care


As with all succulent plants, this succulent also needs little water. Let the soil dry out well before you start watering again. Watering once every 2 weeks is a good guideline for the Senecio.


Extra plant nutrition is not necessary for the Senecio. If you still want to give the plant some extra boost, it is wise to give it a little extra once a month. Never give plant nutrition in the winter, this is superfluous.


Repotting will hardly be necessary for this plant. The Senecio grows slowly, so it doesn't happen often that they have to be repotted. If you still want or need to repot the plant, do so in the spring, so that the plant still has enough time to recover from any damage.


The Senecio Senetti also called Cineraria and is family of the Asteraceae. This exuberant bloomer originates from South Africa. There are about 1500 species of senecio's. The Senetti is excellently suited for flower boxes, pots, patio boxes and in the garden.



The Senecio is not susceptible to pests.

Suitable plant nutrition for Senecio

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