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This is how your plants survive the holiday

This is how your plants survive the holiday

Are you going on holiday and don't know how to prepare your plants for this? No problem, we have listed the most frequently asked questions below so that you can also give your plants a nice holiday.
This is how your plants survive the holiday

1. Precisely a light or dark environment?

Don't close all curtains at once, but make sure that your plants receive less light. You can move the plants a little further from the windows so that they receive less direct sunlight. This ensures that your plants will use less water for photosynthesis.

2. Do I need to give some extra water?

Not very surprising, but make sure that all your plants receive some extra water before leaving. If possible, put your plants under the tap, make sure the soil is well soaked. Make sure that no water remains at the bottom of the pot. This way they can go on for a few days without your love and attention.

3. Do they need more nutrition?

You may not have expected this, but extra nutrition ensures that your plant becomes more active to start growing. This will of course cost more energy and therefore more water to achieve that growth. If you feed your plant more often, we recommend that you stop this a week earlier.

4. Put all the plants together?

Nobody likes to be alone on vacation, not even your plants! You also give your plants the chance to gossip about you undisturbed. No really, plants like to be close to each other, this creates a higher humidity. For example, put all your plants in the bathroom or behind the shower curtain, if there is natural daylight there.

5. How can I build a water system myself?

Don't stress, this is easier than it sounds. There are a number of options you can choose from. For example, place a jerry can with water next to your plants with a number of thick pieces of rope from the cap. These pieces of rope slurp up the water. You can then put them back into the soil of your plant, so that they receive a stream of water all the time. You can also achieve this by cutting off the bottom of a plastic bottle, making small holes in the cap and putting it upside down in the soil of your beloved houseplant. You can fill this bottle with water and water will slowly drip from it, so your plant can take it again for a while.