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Bonsai Bonsai Zelkova - S-Shape
Bonsai Zelkova - S-Shape

Bonsai Zelkova - S-Shape

Type: Bonsai
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The Bonsai with the curved upright or S-style is realized by guiding young cuttings along one or two sticks. The plant is supplied with a pot and saucer in white or dark blue, depending on availability at the supplier.
Height (incl. pot) ± 25 cm
Pot size 15 cm

More information

Bonsai, an ancient art form originating from Asia, translates to "tree in pot." Bonsaiists aim to create a miniature representation of an old tree or natural landscape using living plant material. This art form has a rich history, with Chinese monks cultivating small trees before the common era. Bonsai, also known as Penjing in China, has a longstanding tradition in Japan and Korea, where it evolved into a unique art form with innovative techniques.

In Europe, bonsai was introduced in the 20th century, gaining popularity as a hobby over the last 50 years. In recent decades, it has become an essential ornamental plant product. The bonsai's care involves considerations for light, water, nutrition, repotting, soil types, and pest management.

Bonsai thrives in temperatures between 12 and 30 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for indoor or outdoor placement. Adequate light, avoiding direct sunlight all day, is crucial for healthy growth. Proper watering is essential; too little dries out the leaves and sap flow, while excessive water can lead to root rot. Bonsai requires regular watering when the soil starts to dry, ensuring excess water drains from the pot.

Nutrition is maintained through solid or liquid Bonsai food, with options like Biogold for solid nutrition. Repotting is recommended every three years to maintain a balanced root-to-foliage ratio. Akadama soil, a clay granulate, is ideal for bonsai, promoting moisture balance and neutral acidity. Kiryu, a rock, enhances drainage and is suitable for specific bonsai species.

Disease prevention involves maintaining a well-ventilated environment to deter pests like lice, spider mites, and fungi. Pruning is crucial for shaping and maintaining the bonsai's form. Tools for pruning and wiring, the technique used to bend branches into desired shapes, are essential for bonsai care.

Pot size (cm): 15
Height (cm): 25-40
Location: Sun, partial shade
Latin name: Zelkova parvifolia
Final height (cm): -
Pieces in set: 1
Hardy: No