Anthurium is originally from Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Venezuela. In 1876 the French botanist Eduard André discovered the flower in Colombia and Ecuador.


Give the plant preferably one to two times per week some lukewarm water. The soil should not be completely dry, but must remain moist. If the plant is too wet, the soil is black instead of brown, and you better what juniors with casting. And because the Anthurium comes from the rainforest, he likes to be sprayed occasionally.

Anthurium feels most comfortable at temperatures between 18 ° C and 22 ° C. The minimum temperature for the plant is 15 ° C.

Anthurium needs a light spot, but not in direct sunlight. At too dark spot will produce fewer flowers the plant. Furthermore Anthurium does not like drafts. do not place the plant directly to the central heating.

Old leaves and flowers

Anthurium produces fresh flowers and leaves. The old leaves and flowers discolour over time. Simply remove yellowed leaves and wilted flowers.

The care determines the lifespan and decorative value of the plant. If the plant has shiny leaves and produces new flowers, you can assume that the plant is in suitable conditions. You will bring pleasure to your Anthurium. The flowers have a very long lifespan. With proper care the plant can flourish easily three months. We hope you enjoy your beautiful Anthurium!


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