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The Haworthia comes from South Africa. In the wild there are more than 150 different species that are very similar but slightly different.


The Haworthia is a real succulent, which means that you do not have to water it often. A little bit of water once every 3 weeks is more than enough, let the soil become completely dry before you water again. In winter you can even water once a month.


Unlike other plants, the Haworthia prefers to be in partial sun or shade. They can withstand morning sun or evening sun as long as it is not too long. He would like to receive some daylight. So put it in a nice spot and it will have a good time.


The Haworthia can use a little bit of nutrition in the spring and summer, water it once every 2 times. In autumn and winter it does not need food.


The Haworthia is of course a succulent. This means that the plant does not grow quickly and does not have to be repotted often, once every 2 to 3 years is fine. If you repot the Haworthia immediately after purchase, do this in a pot that is slightly larger than the nursery pot.


Pruning a Haworthia is not necessarily necessary as it does not grow quickly. If you still want to do it because you want to multiply the plant, for example. Take a small new shoot from the plant. These grow from themselves next to the 'mother' plant and can easily be broken down. Make sure that this shoot has enough roots of its own if you want to use it or it will not survive.


The Haworthia is not poisonous.


The most common problem with the Haworthia is that it gets brown leaves, this is usually due to too much watering, which causes the roots to rot and the leaves to turn brown. It is best to remove brown leaves from the plant so that it is no longer bothered by it.

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