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The Mimosa has its origins in Australia. In warm countries this plant can grow into a decent tree, but in the Netherlands it is too cold for that. In the Netherlands this plant does well as a houseplant.


The Mimosa Requires more water in the summer than in the winter because it will rest. Make sure you water it in the summer before the soil is completely dry, so in the winter it may take a little longer.


The Mimosa does not need to be watered often, but it is possible to remove the dust from the leaves.


The Mimosa is gravely in lots of light, this can even be direct sunlight, but then let the plant get used to it gradually.



Minimum temperature

The Mimosa likes to be in a place where it is approximately a room temperature. Except in the winter, he likes to be in a room where it is not heated but where it does not freeze.


The Mimosa does not need much nutrition but if you think it can use it you can always.


The Mimosa is best repotted every other year as this plant grows fairly quickly. When repotting the plant, make sure it gets fresh potting soil.

Leaf damage

The Mimosa pulls up its leaves every night because it then goes to 'sleep' so don't be afraid that something goes wrong with your plant. You may even hear a sound that is the rustling of the leaves.


The Mimosa is best kept up to date. Since this plant grows fairly quickly, it is not bad to prune it after flowering.


The Mimosa is non-toxic.