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Plants for in the bathroom

The bathroom is usually a room that is frequently visited. It is therefore important that the bathroom is a nice place where you can relax. This is possible with houseplants that like moisture and do not need a lot of light. Discover the bathroom plants.


If you want to buy a bathroom plant, the Sansevieria is one of the most ideal plants. The Sansevieria is also called the snake plant and it is a fine plant that is easy to take care of. The Sansevieria only needs water once every two weeks and does not need much light. The lady's tongue is suitable for a bathroom with or without a window. Read more.



The Aglaonema, also known as the Arum chalice, is a must for every bathroom. It is a plant that can only be placed in a bathroom with a window. The Aglaonema is known for the beautiful and unique patterns on its leaves. The Aglaonema is a plant that needs natural light, so it will do well in the semi-shade. The Aglaonema does not need much water, so if in doubt, wait with watering. After all, the bathroom is a damp place where the plant will thrive. 



Ferns are one of the oldest plant species that exist on earth. This plant likes to be in a place with a lot of shade or semi-shade. The fern is used to damp ground and surroundings. This makes it an ideal plant for the bathroom. With its pinnate leaves, it can create more atmosphere in any bathroom. If you want to buy a fern plant, you can also buy it as a hanging plant. A Kokodama-hanging-pot completes the tropical style. The fern plant is available for both bathrooms with and without windows. Read more.

Vanda orchidee

The Vanda was discovered by Alvin Semedo in 1613; he called the plant 'tiao hua', or 'air plant'. The air roots work like sponges and can quickly absorb a lot of moisture. In addition, these roots ensure that the Vanda remains firmly anchored to the tree on which it grows. So Vanda does not need soil. This makes Vanda a good plant for the bathroom.

For someone looking for more colour in their bathroom, the Vanda orchid is a good choice. The plant draws its water needs from the air, making it easy to care for. The plant looks best in a bathroom with lots of light. It is not a plant for the bathroom without a window. Vanda can be hung on a stand. This makes it easy to place Vanda in the bathroom. Read more.

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