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Medinilla Magnifica Lambada 3-4 flower
Magnifica Lambada 3-4 flower

Magnifica Lambada 3-4 flower

Type: Medinilla
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This renewed Medinilla Lambada is characterized by its dark pink color and smaller flowers and, like the magnifica, is a plant that you will enjoy for a very long time. Due to transport sensitivity, these plants are delivered in their bud phase.
Height (incl. pot) ± 45 cm
Pot size 14 cm

More information

Medinilla Lambada

This beautiful plant comes from Southeast Asia and usually grows on the branches of trees. Regardless of its origin in a somewhat tropical environment, this plant is still an excellent houseplant that will appeal to every plant lover. The plant is non-toxic and will look great in any room of your home. This plant also produces flowers that make it stand out even more!


The Medinilla can be placed in almost any room of the house, but it is not recommended to place it in direct sunlight. He feels at home at a temperature between 17 and 25 degrees. Also, keep in mind to place the plant far enough from a window where direct sunlight enters the room. In winter, however, the plant can stand in direct sunlight without issue.

Taking care of Medinilla

Not much is needed in terms of care for the Medinilla. However, it is very important not to place it in direct sunlight as this will burn the leaves and make it look less attractive. It is also advisable to place it in a room with a temperature between 17 and 25 degrees.

Prune Medinilla

This beautiful houseplant is easy to keep at the desired size. It can easily be repotted or you simply cut off the excess stems close to the bottom with a sharp knife or scissors.

Medinilla cuttings

Having more than one of these Medinillas is great fun! You can do the cutting of the plant yourself. The youngest stem should be cut off at the bottom and the leaves should also be removed to within 5 centimeters from the stem. This piece can then be planted in some cutting soil and put in a pot after about 6 to 8 weeks. The ideal temperature for the cutting to sprout and grow well is between 20 and 25 degrees.

Moisten Medinilla

Regular watering is necessary for the plant, but it does give signals itself when water is needed. For example, the flowers and leaves hang a bit when it needs water. A glass of lukewarm water at a time is more than enough. Try to avoid water accumulation on the plate under the pot, as this can rot the roots.

Medinilla nutrition and soil

You could almost say that plant food is not necessary for this plant. However, if nutrition is added, orchid nutrition should be chosen and rather too little than too much. This is not necessary in winter as the plant then needs its rest. Different types of plant nutrition can be found here: plant nutrition. Furthermore, the potting soil should not be saturated with water as this can lead to rotting of the roots.